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We have tried and tested referring clubs to many different insurance companies / products and we have found the insurer with the best prices and experience. Check it out via the link below

Australian Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) is the new benchmark instructor development made easy through the new 'Martial Arts Universities'. Access anywhere, at anytime!

Our chairman has been invited to join the board of the new IMACC (International Martial Arts Coaching Council) - Finally a global standard for martial arts gradings and belt rankings

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Welcome to International Karate Alliance - We found the best directory for you to find a safe and secure club in your area, click the heading above to head to IMACC


We have gone through heaps of Instructor courses and found the best content for the best price - Head to AMACS and check out what they have to offer


We have found the PEAK INDUSTRY BODY that offers the most 'bang for buck' in membership. This organisation can take your club to the next level - Martial Arts Australia

Launched in Australia, England & Japan simultaneously to help instructors around the globe

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As a member of Karate Alliance / Martial Arts Australia - You will receive a coupon code that gets you 10% off all MAU courses

International Karate Alliance - Peak Industry Body

This is the place for Martial Arts School Owners to find out how to grow their business and for Students / General Public looking for the most appropriate club to train at for their particular needs. As a Peak Industry Body it is also the ideal resource to locate all you need to know about martial arts. Is the industry regulated, by what standards are instructor qualifications measured, what do you need to know before opening your first school, these are some of things you will find answers to, within this website. 

Karate Alliance has since evolved into Martial Arts Alliance to cover more styles and help the martial arts industry as a whole. We know operate under the IMACC (International Martial Arts Coaching Council) which is a global industry body for Martial Arts. At Karate Alliance we found our vision and mission directly correlated with IMACC - To set a global standard for martial arts and help everyone learn the art. We have also recently partnered with Martial Arts Australia (Also under IMACC) for our membership, so everything you get with Karate Alliance works with Martial Arts Australia. So you can get your dedicated membership through Martial Arts Australia and enjoy the benefits we create as a partnership. For any questions please email support@martialartsaustralia and the membership team will help with any enquiry! Read below for some history/information on the Karate Alliance

Created in 1993 the International Karate Alliance evolved into the International Martial Arts Alliance to better serve countries around the globe. Whether they are an instructor opening their first school or a large association wanting to expand, we provide a complete range of products and services to help them reach their maximum potential. As a Peak Industry Body we promote and protect schools by liaising with government and corporate bodies in developing industry standards that comply with current legislation so we can remain self-regulated. By investing / researching in new technologies we are constantly working to find new ways to grow the martial arts industry.

We embrace all martial arts styles with thousands of clubs within our membership. Our large member base allows us to offer substantial group discounts and opportunities unavailable to small clubs and many other associations. Our members also have access to nationally recognised training courses (Australian Martial Arts Coaching System – AMACS) to upgrade their qualifications / skills. As part of our commitment to promote all styles to the public we have created our own Martial Arts TV Channel with multiple broadcasting platforms further expanding our reach to the public and other sports. Instructors - School Owners - Promoters can all get involved too and gain greater exposure.

It's now possible with so many services under one roof for martial arts instructors to make just one phone call / email to find the cheapest prices on any number of products especially martial arts insurance, websites, coaching / fitness / business courses, video production, DVDs, books, merchant facilities, direct debit services to mention a few. Save time and money tracking down the best deals by calling us first! By far the most important resource schools owners ask us for is club insurance because it's so hard to find a trusted insurance broker who knows their market and has access to a special industry scheme. When we recomend an insurance company we don't do it likely, they have to be the leader in the industry and that's why we decided to work with Martial Arts Australia Insurance Services because they have the experience, the products and the integrity you would expect from sucha professional team.

Graham Slater's (Chairman / Founder) vision of creating a safe, non-political and friendly learning environment for martial art instructors of all styles from around the globe started in the mid 1980's. Now martial arts instructors can come together and share their experiences / techniques in a literal melting pot of knowledge while being treated as equals irrespective of grades / years of training. This has been Graham's philosophy and the driving motivation behind the association.

We feel the more skills / qualifications martial art instructors have, the better equipped there are to operate their club successfully. We track down specialty martial arts business consultants and mentors available to help instructors create a safe, professional and rewarding environment for their students and the general public. We help martial arts instructors gain all the skills they need all they need is to allocate the time and a few dollars see: AMACS courses.

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Check out some other business resources that can help your school/club:

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INSURANCE NOTE: We find many instructors are concerned that they can't get the right sports insurance cover for their Muay Thai school or Kickboxing Club, or Brazilian Jiu Jutsu / Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Club. Some Karate and Taekwondo schools have concerns that their policy doesn't cover tournaments, however the ones we offer include this in our standard policy at no extra cost. Reading the fine print may not always reveal all the answers especially if instructors are not familiar with insurance-speak. We can refer you to our preffered and expierieced Martial Arts Insurer Broker/Companies:

1. Martial Arts Insurance
2. Martial Arts Australia Insurance Services


AMACS Instructor Courses

AMACS Instructor Courses

Struggling to find time and the right material to train your instructors?
Our instructors courses are designed to take the presure off school owners because we do it all. Your assistant instructors are trained to do the job, part of their assessment is to design a class plan and delivery it along with completing the theory units. This means when they graduate they are appropriate prepared to build your business and give you more time. We also include free ongong support (resources & webinars) for graduates to keep them engaged in your club. Check out the full range of courses here!



We have many designs for you to select from and all can be tweaked to suit your requirements perfectly. It doesn't matter what device people view your site it will adjust to make it easy to navigate so they can get what they want. The best thing to start with is knowing what you want to achieve - # how you want to be preceived in the market place # what message do you want to put out there # what do you want integrate or automate. Find out more about Kapow Website Design & Get a website made for you!




Dynamic Promotional Videos for your Club
# Select from our off the shelf 'Readymade Compete Video' (30secs Facebook / Instagram Ready) with a specific theme designed to 'Turbo Charge' any Marketing Campaign.
They come ready to use to showcase your business - We have included industry specific motivational messages (titles) and matching music at a special price.
Just $495.00 (full licence) *Inlcudes your logo and contact details*



Martial Arts Universities (MAU)
MAU has been a work in progress for many years by a group of like-minded martial artists that felt the industry needs higher qualifications available to instructors.
Now the demand for such a service has become much greater with thought it was time to fully launch our new martial arts education portal. This now gives millions of consumers access to learn from the world's best, wherever they are on the planet.



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